Q & A’s

Here are some frequent questions I receive and their answers.  Please contact me if you have other questions you would like to see posted here.


Do you use oil or acrylic paint?

A: I use oil paint.  (Though I have done a few acrylic paintings in the past.)

What mediums do you use?

A: Depending on the painting and availability; I use Winsor Newton Liquin Original, Winsor Newton Liquin Impasto Gel and Winsor Newton Oleopasto.

What colours do you use?

A:  I use mostly Schminke and Old Holland brands but I also use Winsor Newton and Georgian oil paints;

Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Crimson Alizarin, Magenta (vivid pink), French Ultramarine, Phthalo Turquoise, Viridian Hue and Burnt Umber.

Other colours I like to use from time to time are; Yellow Ochre, Permanent Rose, Cerulean Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Sap green and Cobalt Violet.

What is a cradled panel?

A: I love painting on board but I like the look of a deep edged canvas.  So a cradled panel is basically a gessoed board with a deep edged wooden frame on the back, making it more sturdy and giving the look of a deep edged canvas.  After I paint on the front I usually paint the sides white, put hanging wire on the back and it is ready to hang.  I rarely frame my work.  These wonderful cradled panels are made for me by my wonderful Father in-law and my husband.

To the left is a finished painting on the cradled panel and to the right is an unpainted wodden cradle before the panel is attached.
To the left is a finished painting on a cradled panel and to the right is an unpainted wooden cradle before the panel is attached.












Where is your studio?

A: My studio is in my home where I live with my lovely and very tolerant husband.  It is actually in our dining room at the moment!

Do you always use a palette knife? I see there are some brush marks on some of your paintings.  

A: When painting a large landscape with little detail I use the palette knife only.  The same goes with small still life paintings.  I use a mix of brush and palette knife on larger still life paintings, about 70% palette knife and 30% brush but that can change depending on how detailed I want the painting to be.  The use of the brush also gives my wrist and elbow a break!




    1. Hello Elinor,

      Thank you! Yes, it is called hard board or masonite. The board is fixed to a plywood frame to give it support and a deep edge. My husband and father in law make my boards but there are ready made ones available through major art stores online.

      Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


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